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Close your eyes to see

Thanks to Howard Greenstein, I was able to get into the the Social Media Club meeting in New York City last week on short notice. The details about the meeting, along with video, is posted here:

I didn’t want to tweet about it, which I am finding is now a great way of making notes, but I did bring pencil and pad to write down things that might interest me. The first speaker, Fraser Kelton (@fraser) spoke about Glue, and the issue of “walled gardens” keeping data from transferring between applications.  My pad and pencil responded with this:


The second speaker was Tina Alexander, talking about the community sites currently in beta on The Wall Street Journal’s site.I was struck by the idea of “Curated content”, a phrase she used, and drew this:


The images come from the talks, and they serve as reminders of the talks. Sometimes from listening, pictures are created in the mind that are more striking than anything projected on the screen. Sometimes, you have to close your eyes to see.

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A High-resolution super graphic — thank you Edward Tufte!

viznotes - a High-resolution Super Graphic

viznotes - a High-resolution Super Graphic

Following the advice of Edward Tufte, Yale professor emeritus and graphic/presentation/statistical genius and visionary, I created a “High-resolution Super Graphic” at the seminar I attended yesterday. Please feel free to download it [large PDF version]. Relish my misspellings, and note that he spoke of “multivariate” displays/analysis (read his: Envisioning Information, p15, Visual Explanations, p.110, and most extensively, Beautiful Evidence, pp. 129-130, not “multivariable problems”, which is how I heard it.

Hi-tech tools used: Unruled spiral sketchbook, Pelikan fountain pen, Aurora fountain pen, Flair pen (when the Pelikan ran out of Aurora black ink).

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