from Dean Meyers

An irresistible urge to communicate

A poster found on a newsstand wall in NYC

A poster found on a newsstand wall in NYC

Here is a visual perfect storm: the convergence of strong graphic design, a message that evoked an emotional reaction and a simple interface (mounting the poster on the side of a wall at common eye level and within easy physical reach) which created an irresistible call to action. It’s not my design or my concept, but it inspires me to ask myself: Is my design about me or about my message? Have I created emotional impact, the kind that stirs a response, triggers and/or plants a memory, satisfies the need to be touched somehow? Do I provide a place for feedback or a call to action? These questions are based on old principles, but when it works, it really works.

Ultimately, inviting participation or dialog is where Web 2.0-Web 3.0 (the read/write web, or collaborative, social media-focussed web), will make the old advertising model feel distant or quaint.

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