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A High-resolution super graphic — thank you Edward Tufte!

viznotes - a High-resolution Super Graphic

viznotes - a High-resolution Super Graphic

Following the advice of Edward Tufte, Yale professor emeritus and graphic/presentation/statistical genius and visionary, I created a “High-resolution Super Graphic” at the seminar I attended yesterday. Please feel free to download it [large PDF version]. Relish my misspellings, and note that he spoke of “multivariate” displays/analysis (read his: Envisioning Information, p15, Visual Explanations, p.110, and most extensively, Beautiful Evidence, pp. 129-130, not “multivariable problems”, which is how I heard it.

Hi-tech tools used: Unruled spiral sketchbook, Pelikan fountain pen, Aurora fountain pen, Flair pen (when the Pelikan ran out of Aurora black ink).


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  2. Hello.
    Keep working ,great job!

  3. […] e.g. sports sections stats instead of cluttered, flashing images and pie charts, 3) Make a supergraphic: Hand this in or out in place of an annual report, 4) Have an intellectual model: Do what science […]

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